Sunday, August 21, 2011

does that internet business is working and will make me financially free?

HI, yes i do have a few questions, i would like to know how does that internet business is working and will make me financially free, also i would like to ask you is that business means that i will have to make pre-enrollers who`s are under me to make an upgrade? and a fee of that purchase will be my earning? I just do not want to be a victim of a scam again, because i already made a 3 upgrades on a different internet income systems and after that payment i did not received any earnings or any further answers from help staff or co-owners! Please provide some proof of your vemmabuilder earning system.

Mr. V.Spetnijs

hi Viktors,

i don't know what programs that you have sign up,but for me when i sign up a certain program i will put all my effort to work it out.i am working part time with a full time attitude.

what your attitude for the pass three program?

every program can be a scam it just online .most of my member have join so many program on the internet eg online survey,data entries,affillates program which promises good income .that untruth ,all end up like you.

i am not saying that all the program is a scam.but when you don't make any money you will call it a scam.but choose wisely.

what i can say is my company is a 6yr old company call vemma and with the help of vemmabuilder we can build our business can check online for our company address.our company is in the USA.

let me introduce myself ,i am eric living in singapore you can check me out at my face book today i am here to work out some things for my family

i have three kids 3,6,12.iam doing this business partime to build a business to support my children for their study.though i am making a good income as a property agent but i could not safe enough money to let my children to go for further study.since there is still a few years more i can slowly build a part time business.i am doing it for my family

so what your reasons why you need to do a part time business?please indicate

firstly we must get people to come and visit your vemmabuilder website,next step is to call them and send them to internet business preview.ask them why they want to join a online business?if just want to make some money it will be faster to take up a part time job.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

questions ask by pre enrollee

Hi Eric,

I attended the session.. Pls share the following in detail.

1) What is "QV" on cycle bonus

2) Define what is cycle

3) Do i need to enroll 2 members per month

4) What is autoship

The business model that is shared, showed that the first 2 months, there will be no income. And that i can only earn $1890 after 8 months, meaning that i need to spend $1200 to earn a profit of $690.

As i shared that i had no confidence in getting downline though i know that i can join the co-op and work as a team to get more members. But i cant feel and see the support level.

If i need to wait for several months to earn an income, it simply mean that i will have no income for the first few months before i can start to see some income. Am i right?

Do you believe that you need to earn the income first before you can convince people that this business work? I believe that to convince people, i must first be convince, and once i am convince, the business will ultimately grow.

I can attempt to join if you can guide me on the above, as you had also communicate that this is possible, with your help.

1) What is "QV" on cycle bonus
qualifing bonus
2) Define what is cycle
cycle mean pairing
3) Do i need to enroll 2 members per month
that is for illustration
4) What is autoship
means monthly order
for the next few answer i will put int in short

Do you believe that you need to earn the income first before you can convince people that this business work? I believe that to convince people, i must first be convince, and once i am convince, the business will ultimately grow.
ans is no,i dont convince pepole to join me.convincing is a hard job to be done,i had try that before and it dont work at all.
as i have spoken to you ,i am here to work this thing out ,slowly building a residual income to support my three child education and to give my family a better lifestyle.
what your why ? no business make profit the next day.they only make instant cash flow.
i already check in my system that you have join in vemmabuilder at least 2 time under my team.
there are faster way to earn.
people join this type of business for a reason,not because of product ,complan or the company.
they join is because this type of business is so affordable and with out huge capital to start learning how to do business.even if they fail they wont go bankrupt.but the main reason is that they have a chance to try reaching for their dreams of finacial freedom or to have a better living lifestyle.
in general to start a traditional business you have to have knowledge of the trade ,big capital and you are on your own to struggle.who can help you?more overmostly new start up traditional business 95 % fail in the first years.that what i have gone through ,lost 200,000 in one year.
but here we are here to guide you as long as you are coachable
to me what is more important ? my desire to be finacially free and my family
so if given the same chance to choose again but with much higher entry fee about $5000
i will also go for it.
guidance will be avaliable by me.please do not attemp to join in dont waste your money if you dont have a strong desire.
by the way what your desire to start a business?please indicate.

reply from davison

Hi Eric,

Thanks for explaining. Yes, i had connected with vemma on some occassion, but i backed out as i am still unsure. It is also the first time that you had called and spoke to me.

What you had mentioned is true for me as well, to be financially free and to care for my family. I cannot afford to take another risk as my family depend heavily on me.

I am keen to start a business and i am on the way to start a business dealing with business consultancy service.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do i need to pay for any thing to sign up?

Hi Malkeet Singh,
I am certainly looking forward for money earning opportunity and would attempt to sign up if there is no purchase required from me. I had read some information on the web and i realized that buying of health supplement is required and it is certainly out of my scope to consider storing up the merchandise at the moment.

hi davison ,sorry to ask are you looking for a online business or a part time job?as you know business needs capital investment.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Updating of bank account for new member

Updating of bank account for new member please go to

Vemma vemmabuilder member login page

vemma login page

vemmabuilder login page


Taiwan and Japan TV show about mangosteens


ETTV 東森新聞_日本NHK山竹果抗癌報導.flv


What is the first thing to do when pre enrollee sign up part 2

As a vemmabuilder success you should sent them this letter.

remember to change the info to your name.

Getting started with vemma 8 steps to success

 login with your user id. Look for vemma action plan button

download the action plan and go through the videos.

After going through the 8 videos ,sit down and start doing the exercises.

After you have completed the exercises, consult your mentor

And he or she will look through it. If you have difficulties do the vemma action plan you can consult your mentor.

Important notes

The action plan is a very power tools to help you success in your vemma business. please complete it

To your success

Eric sim